February 06, 2012


Specializing in Ramen
One of the busiest Ramen joints in town with line ups out the door
Shio ramen w/ medium broth 
When it comes to ramen joints, one of the first places many think of is Kintaro. The Ramen joint has been around for years, way before Benkei, Sanpachi, Hokkaido Santouka etc. opened.This place is probably the busiest out of them all. I can see why!

After Ramune and I wandered around North Van and not finding a place to eat, we ended up coming to Kintaro. Ramune has been bragging about how his ATF Ramen is at Kintaro and the last time I had it was a long time ago.
We were lucky to be the 2nd group waiting for a table as within minutes, the line up was out the door and it was a cold cold night. They definately have a loyal clientele!
We both ordered the Shio Ramen in Medium broth. The portions were large and generous. I was so stuffed after this!
The broth was rich, and creamy but oily. The soup was definately enjoyable and I could "taste the labour" of the broth. It was a little too greasy for my taste though.
The pork here is my favorite. Better than the pork cheeks from Hokkaido! Melt in your mouth tender and a good meat-fat ratio.
As for the noodles, cooked just right and bouncy.
It also comes with egg+corn toppings but sadly, my egg did not have the yolk-y center! :(
Ramune wanted to order the "pork ends" which are ~$1 but they sold out. According to him, it's the end pieces of all the pork bits of the pork.

Overall, Kintaro  has my favourite cha-su but I like the broth at Hokkaido better. Next time, I think I'll try the light broth and order the "pork ends" hehehe.

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