February 07, 2012

The Famous Warehouse

The Famous Warehouse
Everything is $4.95 (Cash and Visa only)
Popular spot for beer-n-eats crowd
Frequent line ups

The Famous Warehouse is located on the Granville St. and is a popular spot for after concert/clubbing eats. At less than $5, their food is cheap, and filling. 

We arrived just before the dinner crowd started coming in and managed to grab the last table!

MissYams and I both have a thing for poutine so we ordered one to share. 

The Poutine was a bit disappointing. It had the fixings of an average poutine with fries, gravy, bacon, and onions. There was nothing special about them and there wasn't very much cheese. The cheese was basically shredded mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top. I wasn't looking for "authentic" poutine but a sprinkling of shredded cheese just won't do. 
The fries were over salted and the gravy was bland. Portion wise, it was a bit small.

The Chicken Wrap was pretty bad. The chicken was dry, and flavorless. There was also a lack of sauce. Neither of us enjoyed this.
It also comes with a side of fries, this batch was nice and crispy. Not too salty either.
However, I wish they had better Ketchup!I don't think I ever commented on condiments but whatever kind of Ketchup they used was very bland and flavorless. It tasted like diluted ketchup :(

The Mushroom Jack Burger was better than the Chicken Wrap. It looked tasty but one bite of the patty and it tasted like frozen beef patties with the artificial taste and texture. McDonald's beef patties tasted 10x than this one. The bun was pretty good, nice and fluffy!
I wish there was more mushrooms in this burger! They were bland but the cheese+macho sauce made it taste alright.

I ordered the side salad and I wish I did not! The veggies were browning, not fresh and soggy. The sauce was yellow and tasted wierd, reminded me of sweet, vinegar-ish mustard.

For under $5, The Famous Warehouse serves food for a bargain. I would come back with friends but don't expect amazing food.

Note: According to their website, they have a newly updated menu and made improvements. I visited before this happened.

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  1. Three things: Good food, good vibes and good music. This place is awesome. My crew will be there.