February 09, 2012

Dunn's Famous

Dunn's Famous
Montreal Smoked Meat is their specialty
First location in Western Canada
•Plenty of menu options
Seafood Chowder

Dunn's Famous is a large chain known for their Montreal smoked meat. A few of us SFU food bloggers decided to meet for some eats. Joining me was Jenny (jennnyshen), EatingWithKirby , Amy (FoodQueen), Janice (GoodEat) and Diana ( Foodology ).
I heard good things about this place and was excited to finally try it out!

Most of us ordered the Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.

With so many choices, I was debating..chicken or beef? Why not both?! The Combination (smoked meat and chicken breast) it is!
I didn't like it. There was nothing about the sandwich I liked. The portion was small...the bread was not toasted but rather hard, dry and cold. The smoked meat (medium) was also dry and flavorless. There was a smoky aspect to it but where was the tender and juicyness of the beef!?The chicken was also dry and flavorless. Blah!

I upgraded my side to a Seafood chowder ($1.99). It was flavorul with plenty of sea food. I liked it and finished it quickly-before I finished my bread! I thought the upgrade was worth it.
My favorite seafood chowder is the one from *gasp* the BC Ferries!

Amy ordered the same thing as I but upgraded to a poutine ($3.50). My only comment is that the fries weren't squeaky and at $3.50 for such a small portion, it was pricey. 

Jenny ordered the Hot Chicken Sandwich (Two Rivers free run chicken breast on sliced white bread covered in gravy,topped with “mushy” peas). The picture of this on the menu looked tasty and I was thinking of ordering this!

Diana also had the Smoked Meat Salad w/ a side salad. Compared to everyone else, her sliced pickle was the smallest one. On their menu, it clearly shows half a pickle! I like pickles w/ sandwiches so I was a bit disappointed about this! :(

Janice ordered the Reuben sandwich. She liked it. Lots of meat-y goodness!

Overall, I was not satisfied with Dunn's. The smoked meat was not juicy. I ended up ordering one to go and it was dry as well.
The service was excellent, with the staff making sure all our glasses were filled and checked up on us. This was before we all whipped out our cameras too!

You can read everyone's reviews here!

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  1. wow! slower than me to post! hahaha! but actually, you beat me on the bella post, I don't think I'll ever get around to posting it.

  2. I try to do mine in chronological order but I've been skipping a few posts just to get to these posts.
    At least I'm almost up to 2012 eats....

  3. Ugh, I'm here right now and the smoked meat is so dry. Wish I read your post before coming here! I also upgraded to a poutine and it doesn't even taste good :(