February 11, 2012

Bella Gelateria

Bella Gelateria
Hand crafted Italian-style Gelato
Gelatosand Sorbetto made from scratch 
Flavors change constantly 
Sesame gelato
Expresso gelato
Dark chocolate sorbetto

After dinner at Dunn`s Famous,  Kirby (EatingWithKirby) , Amy (FoodQueen), Janice (GoodEat), Diana ( Foodology ), and I headed to Bella Gelateria for some dessert.  
Bella Gelateria is well known for their gelato and has gained world wide recognition. James (owner) and his team recently represented Canada in a Gelato World Cup in Italy too!
Their gelato is hand crafted using an Effe mixer instead of a machine resulting in dense, smooth and yummy gelato or sorbetto.
What`s the difference between Gelato vs Ice Cream? Well, Ice cream is made of cream= higher fat content and air is pumped into it vs Gelato is made of milk and doesn`t have those bubbles. 

I come here often and one flavor I don`t see too often is the Pistachio Bronte. The Pistachios are imported from Bronte, Italy and is yummy! There are bits of pistachio in every bite. I liked it. I was a little disappointed with the serving size. It was small compared to everyone else`s. 
Somehow, it didn`t taste as good as before..perhaps the recipe has changed since the last time I had it.

Amy ordered the Ginger Snaps. Just like it`s name, it had bits of Ginger snaps in it. It was a nice `warm` flavor of ginger and cinnamon.I believe this is a seasonal flavor, usually made during the holidays. 

Janice had the Expresso and being a coffee lover, it's one of my favorites! It tastes just like an expresso mixed with milk gelato. So good!

Kirby had the Salted Caramel. It was a good balance of flavors as the salt was not overpowering. I'm not a big fan of salty-sweet things but I enjoyed it (but wouldn't order this unless I was in the mood for a salty-sweet flavor).
Diana had the Earl Grey. I found the Earl grey to be too subtle and lacked flavor. This one could use some improvement!

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  1. Strange... I thought Janice hated coffee.
    How come no one had chocolate?!