February 13, 2012

Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen
Italian Cuisine 
There is also a To-Go option available
Braised veal cannelloni with wild mushroom cream (this is an off menu option that you can order)

Italian Kitchen is part of the Glowbal group and out of their many restaurants, Italian Kitchen had always been my favorite.  This dining experience I had was unacceptable and unsatisfactory.
We were seated quickly and out server gave us the menu and left us to decide on our orders. Rather than checking up on us to see if we were ready, we had to flag down another server to get our server to come and take our orders. The place wasn't even busy! Once he arrived, he didn't offer any recommendations or daily specials and he took our orders left. 
While we were waiting, the table next to us (with the same server) received great service! The server informed them of recommendations & specials as well as detailed descriptions of each. When I asked, he gave us one word answers. I felt like I was in a HK Cafe....
I usually order the Braised veal cannelloni but apparently they were out of canneloni that day. I went with the Linguine Carbonara (pancetta, scallions, free range egg, parmesan). Bad choice.
It looked delicious but it was pretty unappetizing. The overall dish was very greasy, thick and dry.  Eggs are supposed to add richness and creamy to a dish but this was not the case. The "sauce" was like a dry paste-ish texture and salty. My noodles were not al dente..it was undercooked and hard. My friend agreed these noodles were not cooked.
At least the pancetta was yummy-smoky and salty. I could eat it with almost anything!

The Pappardelle with Lamb Sausage was decent. The noodles were cooked al dente and the lamb sausage was nicely seasoned and full of flavor but a too salty.Again, there was not enough "sauce leaving the noodles dry and flavorless.

After our meal, again it took a few attempts including waving our hands in the air to catch the attention of our server. We were about to just go up to the front and pay. I was not impressed with the service. It was after we finished that he asked how the food was and the majority of my Linguine was untouched.There was really no point letting him know our opinions at that point.

Gloria did not like it!!

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