September 16, 2011

Sushi Town

Sushitown, SFU students' favorite place to eat. Cheap, fast and filling, this place is often packed during peak hours.  
I even have friends who end up going here 2-3 times a week(the food up at SFU is not that great).
Luckily for me, I ended up arriving just before the rush came. I had never seen this place so empty before. Only a few tables of students and locals. Just as a left, a few friends of mine just arrived.
Since my brother was leaving for Taiwan in just a few hours, we needed to grab something that could easily be eaten quickly. 
Whenever I order at Sushitown, it is usually a few special rolls and spicy salmon sashimi but since I was grabbing take out, I stuck with some regular rolls.
Beef Teriyaki Roll-$3.95
(beef teriyaki, cucumber, lettuce)
The beef was simply chopped too much and almost like bacon bits. A true disappointment. It was on the dry side and tasted like bulgogli rather than beef teriyaki; likely because this place is Korean run.
Chicken Teriyaki Roll-$3.95
The chicken was moist and with the sauce, quite tasty. I ended up using the extra sauce to dip the beef teriyaki roll.
ChilliPepper thought this was the best Chicken Teriyaki roll she has had,much better than the ones at Samurai, etc.
Bill's Roll-$3.95
(sweet potato, smoked salmon, aritificial crab meat)
For the price, it was quite large and essentially a super sized california roll with sweet potato, with smoked salmon on top. I liked the combination and would order this again.
California Roll-$2.95
Typical California roll, not much to say about it.
B.C. Roll-$2.95
Again, a standard roll. Nothing amazing but solid.
Dynamite Roll-$3.95
I was hoping this would be a larger roll but it was the same size as the B.C roll but at such a cheap price, it's not bad.

The rice in all the rolls was not overly compressed, and mushy for a Sushi restaurant like this. It had a pretty good texture and chew, something I was not expecting. I liked how they were made to order rather than pre-made before hand but this means a longer waiting time is expected. Therefore, I would recommend calling in advance if opting for take out. Sushi Town (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon


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