September 15, 2011

Shanghai Goodies 上海坊 & Tak Fook Noodle and Congee

Parker Place is one of the few food courts I like to visit because I find there is a larger variety of cuisines available but with that being said, it is also one of the busiest food courts! During peak times, I often find myself sharing a table or searching like a hawk to find a table.

Since we ran out of chilli sauce at home, I dragged my family to Kuo Hua (國華) to get some, but stopped by for lunch.I need my chilli sauce hehehe! 

Tak Fook Noodle and Congee

Tak Fook is located in a corner of the food court and is well known for the BBQ dishes, especially the BBQ Duck My Dad always orders the same dish whenever we come to Parker Place, and never gets tried of it.

The order comes with the standard duck, cha-siu and veggies.
The skin on the duck is delicious! It is crispy, and hot when served, and meat is tender. I could not comment about the cha-siu as my Dad prefers the lean part and I like mine 50/50. My favorite part is stuffing the duck leg with onions, yum!
Shanghai Goodies 
Shanghai Goodies, my go-to stall in Parker with their large selection of noodles. The prices are cheap/fair and tasty.
Ja Jiang Mien
(sweet soybean paste based sauce with pork, peas, garlic, and sliced cucumber)
Not the version I am accustomed to,  but I enjoy it. Plenty of flavorful sauce with a sweet-bean paste and pork, the cucumber gave it a refreshing taste. It is heavy in chopped garlic, hidden in the sauce.
There is plenty of noodles and filling.
Dan-Dan Mien
(peanut butter based sauce, with hot chilli oil, peanuts and spinach)
Out of the 2, this is my favorite. The sauce is a bit "soupy" at first but after a thorough mixing, it is fully absorbed by the noodle. The sauce has a spicy and nutty taste. Yum :)

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  1. Tak Fook is amazing, but I've actually never bought anything from Shanghai Goodies. Nice to hear it's your go-to stall, I will have to try it! I've been craving dan dan mien for a while.

    I don't have a go-to per say, but my dad's is Tin Tin, which he goes to basically everyday (because of the name?)