September 20, 2011

Alishan Restaurant (阿里山品味餐廳)

Another trip back to Alishan Restaurant! As mentioned in my previous post(here), I was very satisfied at my first visit and found my favourite beef noodle soup spot. I wanted to explore more of the menu and came back just days later.

We all opted for the sweet tea instead of the soup and this time, the sweetness level was better and a good ratio of tea/water/sweetness.
Alishan Rail Road Box
(egg, rice, pork chop, stewed pork with tofu, taiwanese cabbage, radish)
I wanted to order the "Sweet Taro Rice Box" but it was not available, grrr! Because I do love Rail Road Boxes from Taiwan, I was hoping this dish would be similar. Instead, it was nothing out of the ordinary, only OK. Also, we noticed many of Alishan's dishes came with eggs, a popular saying is "吃蛋会变笨蛋", "eat eggs and become a fool", I hope that isn't the case because I love eggs!
This dish took quite sometime to arrive, and I was worried they forgot our order. The egg was over cooked, it was nearly cooked all the way through inside and the yolk had solidified, no chance to have creamy and yolky rice as I had hoped.

The pork shop was very tender and flavorful. I liked how the batter was not overly thick and the cut, did not have large chunks of unedible fat. One of the better pork chops I have had at restaurants.
The Taiwanese Cabbage was simple, but alright. The vegetable itself is sweet and with a few goji berries. I like the simplicity of this dish but I found it a bit oily.
(sliced cucumber, beef, enoki mushrooms, kimchi, etc)
A korean dish at a Taiwanese restaurant? Yes! I really liked this dish as it spicy and has many of my favorite itemssuch as cucumber, plenty of tender beef (meat!), and kimchi. Again, served with a raw egg on top. It came in a sizzling hot bowl and the egg cooks itself and everything comes together. We left the dish to the side for a few minutes to allow the rice to become nice and crispy. The dish is on the spicier side (there is more sauce underneath all the toppings), hotter than I expected but manageable.

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