June 19, 2013

Taiwan: Tainan

Long time, no post--I've been too busy eating!
After taking the High Speed Rail to Tainan, and having to wake up at 5AM that morning, we were all pretty hungry. That morning, I ate the freshest beef I've ever ate.

Tainan is well known for their beef soup. This particular place has been visited by many Taiwanese celebrities and even featured on a Taiwanese Cooking show hosted by James! Since we arrived during the breakfast hours, the place was quite empty.

Their 滷肉飯 was quite delicious. Slightly sweet, yet savory, I enjoyed it. 

(Apologies for the blurriness)
The sliced beef was very tender and it wasn't until after that I was told the reason why. The beef was "alive" until that morning. Definately the freshest beef I've ever tasted.

While you're in Tainan, make sure to visit some of their historical buildings and learn some history! Chihkan Tower was one of my favorite sites not just because of the historical significance, but the many delicious eats located nearby!

Right across the street, is 阿川冬瓜茶 Ah Chuan Dong Gua Cha, very famous for their winter melon tea. You'll always find a lineup at this place. Don't worry, their very fast!

You can also purchase blocks of 阿川冬瓜茶 Ah Chuan Dong Gua Cha  and just add water at home.

I ordered the lemon Dong Gua Cha with rice balls. It was very refreshing and fragrant. Needless to say, I purchased another one on the way back.
Directly across from 阿川冬瓜茶 Ah Chuan Dong Gua Cha was a spot my Aunt recommended for the 肉圓  ba wan/rou wan. 
The 肉圓 rou wan,  made out of rice flour and a few other dry ingredients, have a glutinous texture and inside, is typically filled with pork and bamboo. The filling varies recipe to recipe. These ones were enjoyable, as it had a nice QQ chewy exterior and the filling was savory and tasty.

After reading a blog about this place, raving about how delicious and special their shrimp ba wan was, we decided to pay a visit.

This variation had a shrimp and pork filling, and a very different sauce. I didn't particularly enjoy this version.

Off we went to more places and eats....

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