May 23, 2012

La Charcuterie Delicatessen

The sign at La Charcuterie Delicatessen reads:
"This deli contains course language and nudity. Do not come if you cannot say please, you are unhappy and do not want to be happy, you want to impose your morality and lifestyle on everyone, you cannot leave your problems out, if you are anal and too sensitive"
If you're willing to accept and follow those conditions, prepare to have the biggest sandwich you will ever lay your eyes one.
Salam aka the Sandwich Nazi, the deli owner is pretty serious about his sign that's posted on the entrance. He's a humouros guy and his conversations can be slightly inappropriate. If you've been here, you'll know what I mean(I prefer to wait outside when I visit).
Located in Port Kells, he's serving up GINORMOUS sandwiches for under $8 bucks.
There's sandwiches named after his customers, or you get Salam to make whatever he feels like (I go for this option).
The sandwich, with stacks and stacks of cold cut meats, and fresh tomatoes and lettuce is impossible to eat without two hands. It's not a fancy sandwich or anything out of the ordinary. It's an old fashion sandwich that   's impossible to finish in one sitting!
Taste-wise, nothing out of the ordinary. If you're not a fan of lots of meat on a sandwich, this may not be for you. Since it's in an Industrial area, the workers need something filling and La Charcuterie Delicatessen fills that need.

Salam's a great entertainer but please read the sign before entering
GIGANTIC sandwiches 

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  1. I would not dare ask him this even though I am not sensitive at all, but does he regularly make vegetarian sandwiches here or is conscious consumption an awful thing here? His sandwiches sure look scrumptious.
    Thanks. : )

  2. I doubt he makes any vegetarian sandwiches :(