March 17, 2012

Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant 湖濱海鮮酒家

Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant 湖濱海鮮酒家 
Fairly new restaurant 
•Solid dimsum 
Snowpea ha gow 
Fried Taro
Golden Seafood Restaurant opened just this year, after Fortune Court closed. Since I pass the restaurant on a daily basis, I kept checking to see when they would open. Several months later, it's finally open! Was it worth the wait?

The renovations were quite extensive, much better than the sad looking paste white walls and stained table cloths.
My Mom really likes Fried Taro but most dimsum places pre-fry them and heat them up; resulting in oily, and cold Fried Taro. A good indication is the temperature of the filling and the bottom of the fried taro. Oily bottoms  generally =re-fried
The ones we ordered arrived piping hot, crisp and flavorful. The portions were also a good size. The filling had curry in it as well, not overpowering but a good change from the ones I generally eat at dims sum restaurants.

Ja Liang! I could eat them all day. These ones were better than Tsui Woo but not the best. The donut was fresh but it was too doughy for my liking. I prefer the light, fluffy chinese donuts vs doughy ones (there  are different types of Chinese donuts). It's just my preference.

The Ha Gow was plump, crunchy and pretty good! The skin was not over cooked or chewy. They were pretty massive, with the 4 of them taking up an entire "long" aka basket!

The Snow Pea Ha Gow is another variation of the Shrimp Ha Gow and I enjoyed them. The snow peas added an extra dimension of flavor, texture and juicyness from the veggies. We enjoyed this.

The Pai Gu Fan (Spare ribs in Clay pot) was the first dish we ordered (before we even sent out or dim sum order) and last to arrive. The spare ribs were over tenderized and but flavor wise it was average. I enjoyed the chicken feet. Tender, slightly sweet-salty with a chilli kick. Needless to say, I ate both of the feet. 
As for the rice, we all assumed it wasn't "true clay pot rice" but normal rice that was steamed. Not a big issue for me though.

Golden Lake is a great addition to the neighbourhood, and conveniently located beside the Kooteny Bus Loop. There's no other dim sum restaurants nearby and the dishes were pretty good. 

Note: The parking is TIGHT but at least it's free?

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